Swill Children


Andrew Lauman & Jesse Hlebo — This Won't End



Edition of 150


32 pages

Spray paint on 65lb cover, Risograph on 60lb text, black paper back

$18 — Purchase


This Won't End is the first collaboration between artists Andrew Laumann and Jesse Hlebo.

Utilizing the story of activist Carlo Giuliani's death as a loose narrative arc, the publication addresses notions of historic civil unrest, apathy and nihlism, and a disdainful approach to viewing authority.

Each cover is a unique spray painted piece of card stock.

Peter Sutherland — Permanently Collected



Edition of 200


32 pages (12 full color, 20 two color Risograph)

Four color Risograph on 80lb cover and 70lb text, full color digital offset

$22 — Purchase


"I was in Colorado Springs visiting family for the holidays, we rented some dvds and I had a flash back to being 11."

Peter Sutherland's Permanently Collected is the artist's first published venture into a more digitally intervened method of working. Consisting of screen shots of Tumblr images loading, self-portraits taken in convenience store surveillance monitors, and full color, glossy prints with watermark's placed over the expanse of the image.

_ Quarterly Issue 10: Illusions



Edition of 125

5.25x7.5" / 33x22.75"

24 pages

Two color Risograph, B/W offset on newsprint

$15 — Purchase


Within the United States, the accepted notions of private and public have melded into one singular definition laced with authoritarian control. State-mandated boundaries in the forms of public parks, neighborhoods, no-fly zones, and constant streams of surveillance, maintain a precarious balance between the illusions of freedom and safety. These physio/ideo-spatial interventions bring with them violent divisions of class: who belongs and who is criminal, who can and who can’t.

Contributions from:

Dena Yago

Eric Hu

Jesse Hlebo

Justin Sloane

The newsprint component of _ Quarterly Issue 10: Illusions is also the sixth publication in the Brooklyn Shelf Life project; curated by Swill Children and Printed Matter, Inc. in collaboration with Showpaper, presented by BAM.

Bryan Krueger — Mejor Vista General: West of Del Prado



Edition of 100


20 pages

Three color Risograph

Staple bound with loose Risograph print

$15 — Purchase


“Its varied vistas include panoramic views of the ocean, the mountains, the valley, and the canyons. While from an aerial photograph it may appear relatively level to anyone who has not had the pleasure of being there, the modern buildout has generally taken advantage of its varying elevations. Hilly terraces have become residential communities. Storied cliffs still surround the anchorage where its history began.” *

Mejor Vista General: West of Del Prado explores the photographic power to embower the viewer in a displacing illusion - both in the realm of photography and bookmaking in general. The arch of the project is based on a stereoscopic view made by the artist which pictures a particular cove in Southern California. In order to create a seemingly comprehensive document of this pictured location, additional photographs were created from a myriad of angles, culled from a myriad of sources (from a myriad of time periods). The glut of resulting repetitious imagery at once extends the canvas of the original vantage point to the brink of immersion while dissolving it to the verge of absurdity.

*Walker, Doris I. Images of America: Dana Point. Arcadia Publishing, South Carolina. 2007. p127

Ryan Foerster — Running



Edition of 100


36 pages

Two color Risograph on 70lb text stock

Sold out


Canadian born, NYC-based artist Ryan Foerster's newest publication is a compilation of writings, newspaper clippings, diary entries, emails and other communicative detritus.

Concurrently morbid and melancholic, absurd and voyeuristic, naive and contemplative, the publication finds Foerster in a particularly vulnerable light, albeit one not immediately known.

Grant Willing



Edition of 150

9x12" / 8x10"

36 pages

Three color Risograph printed envelope / Two color screen-printed cover, two color Risograph printed body, two full color C-Prints

$25 — Purchase


Julian Assange




Lucky Dragons — Existers 12" mini-LP



Edition of 500

180 gram 45RPM 12" LP

Unique screen printed covers

24 page, single color, Risograph-printed booklet

Includes digital download code

$15 — Purchase


EXISTERS is a 21-minute long mini-album of brand-new songs by Lucky Dragons, produced in cooperation with artist / designer Jesse Hlebo of Swill Children.

EXISTERS resist without intervening, subsist without consuming. They are everything about living except life, showing the effects of attention on a thing over time. EXISTERS harkens to all things slow, delicate, and sharp--music for drifters, onlookers, and aliens of the everyday.

Following on 2011's SHAPE TAPE, which reduced music to pure harmonics--no concern for beginning, end, or time passing--lucky dragons begin the process of re-inserting the organic textures, playfully intricate handmade rhythms and repetitions that characterized their earlier work, such as 2008's Dream Island Laughing Language or 2006's Widows.

By largely replacing the acoustic instrumentation and field-recorded sources of those records with the crackling pulse of modular synthesizer and alien sharpness of spectral processing, EXISTERS is both the wall and the push against it, a direct impression, a tribute to the boundary and how the boundary can be crossed.