Swill Children

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Swill Children is an umbrella, things reside under it

Swill children were roaming bands of orphans during the industrial revolution that traded kitchen refuse for use as fertilizer and hog food ('swill'). The idea of value as a variable substance is the projects fundamental concept

Swill Children encompasses many different projects ranging from limited audio objects, such as records, cassettes and small run CD's, to printed objects with adjoining online components.

Swill Children also facilitates _ Quarterly (a collaboration between Justin Sloane and Jesse Hlebo), Certain Distinctions (a series of actions based on the structure of a gradient), and Paperweight (a collective website dedicated to facilitating a critical dialogue on, and providing resources for and about, independent publishing)

Swill Children breeds concurrent positivity, creation, community, chaos, destruction and sadness

Swill Children was started in 2009 by Jesse Hlebo through the generous help of Aagoo Records / Alec Dartley.


contact@swillchildren.org, Facebook, Twitter

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78 Beaver St. #103 Brooklyn, NY 11206

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Academy Annex — Brooklyn, NY

Amigos Publishing — Providence, RI

Artbook @ P.S.1 — Long Island City, NY

Big Love — Tokyo, Japan

Claire de Rouen Books — London, England

Dashwood Books — New York, NY

Desert Island — Brooklyn, NY

Farewell Books — Austin, TX

Family — Los Angeles, CA

fourteen-ninteen — London, England

Mediabus — Seoul, Korea

Motto — Berlin, Germany

Needles and Pens — San Francisco, CA

One Mile High — Glasgow, Scotland

Ooga Booga — Los Angeles, CA

Printed Matter, Inc. — New York, NY

Quimby's — Chicago, IL

READ Books — Vancouver, BC

Rock512Devil — Baltimore, MD

Spoonbill & Sugartown — Brooklyn, NY

Ti Pi Tin — London, UK

Zines Mate — Tokyo, Japan

Artist's We've Worked With



8/11/2013Medium Cool Art Book Fair, Prairie Production, Chicago, IL

8/3/2013LIC Block Party, SculptureCenter, Long Island City, NY

7/18-20/2013 Copeland Book Market, London, England

5/31-6/3/2013 Bushwick Art Book & Zine Fair (BABZ Fair), Brooklyn, NY

5/6-18/1/2013 Family Business gallery presents: Tamizdat, New Holland, St. Petersburg, Russia

3/9-10/2013Fourth Annual Publication's & Multiple's Fair, Open Space, Baltimore, MD

1/2-31/3/2013LA Art Book Fair, MOCA, Los Angeles, CA

9/28-30/2012New York Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1, Long Island City, NY

9/8/2012Sculpture Center Block Party, Sculpture Center, Long Island City, NY

9/13-15/2012Over-Booked, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

7/28-29/2012The Third Annual Zine and Self-Published Photo Book Fair, Camera Club NY, New York, NY

7/19-22/2012Copeland Book Market, London

5/5-11/27/2012Overgaden, Copenhagen Denmark

5/5/2012Annual Book Fair, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, Philadelphia PA

4/28-29/2012Publications and Multiples Fair, Open Space, Baltimore, MD

2/5-20/14/2012Millenium Magazines, MoMA Library, New York, NY

9/10-30/1/2011New York Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1, Long Island City, NY

5/26-27/2011Publication and Multiples Fair, Open Space, Baltimore, MD

11/5-7/2010New York Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1, Long Island City, NY

4/17/2010Annual Book Fair, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, Philadelphia PA

6/27-28/2012NYC Zine Fest, Brooklyn, NY


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